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Soft Armour

Soft Armour explores how femininity, warmth and optimism fit into a sometimes harsh, challenging modern world. It reflects on the idea that while manmade design and progress is making some areas of human life easier and more exciting, it comes at a cost, and manmade damage to the environment is creating overwhelming challenges that we must overcome to be able to move forward with hope, in harmony. Soft Armour emphasises the contrasts between hope versus doubt, delicate versus strong, and celebrates a frontier where we use science and technology for good, providing protection and finding solutions to the environmental damage we have caused. Soft armour is inspired by a future where an abundance of intrinsic brightness, shining with a radiant energy, magnifies harmony and brings balance and joy back to our world. Soft armour also pays respect to tradition where panelling, pin tucking, weaving, hand detailed embellishments and applique create delicate and feminine texture and detail. Materials are sheer, luxurious, and varied, from metals to almost vapour and all are carefully selected to ensure that sustainability forms the foundation of the collection. The collection poses a fantasy of elegance, where natural silk fibres and textures with a metallic light reign over it all. Fabrics are fluid or luminescent, forms are organic, and an idyllic paleness brings a radiant, enchanting softness, with elegant nuances and uncertain shapes. The collection reflects a utopia of a lighter, yet fragile future. It has an ethereal translucent allure, that combines thoughtful femininity with an underlying cool and modern edge. Not to be underestimated, soft armour is built on a foundation of strength and power, created using unexpected materials such as bioplastic, pineapple leather and recycled metal hardware. Just like a warrior that has conquered a formidable opponent, soft armour reflects careful optimism, that through thoughtful creation, using sustainable practises and innovative ideas, we can also be victorious in our fight to clean up the fashion industry.

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