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AmyCottrell Headshot.jpg

Amy Cottrell is a Melbourne based fashion designer that creates unique pieces by merging the use of unusual and recycled materials and innovative construction techniques and technologies with traditional artisanal techniques.  Embracing the use of texture and the art of embellishment and taking inspiration from vintage pieces and old craft forms, Cottrell blends innovation and new materials with traditional skills such as embroidery, crochet or hand dying to create new, unusual contemporary pieces. Feminine, with a touch of glamour, elegance and a modern seductive edge, designed to make the wearer feel special, to stand out in the crowd and to transform from the everyday. Cottrell is spirited, for the brave and all about enjoying life and living large.

Our mission is to push boundaries by exploring new ways to create textural and sculptural pieces, with sustainability forming the foundation for all design, while creating pieces that people will make an emotional connection with and treasure for many years. Cottrell believes that ‘sustainable’ does not mean compromise in terms of quality or aesthetics and embraces sustainability as an opportunity that allows for exciting new frontiers and creations.



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