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yellow gold bioplastic skirt on model


Amy Cottrell is an ethical slow fashion brand that aims to create unique pieces by merging the use of repurposed or recycled materials with innovative materials and construction techniques and technologies. Embracing the use of texture and the art of embellishment, Amy Cottrell aims to create interesting sculptural pieces that people will form an emotional connection to, with sustainability forming the foundations of all design.

Each piece is made from carefully sourced materials that are vintage, recycled, deadstock, or sustainably produced. A percentage of our proceeds are donated back to projects that support action against climate change. The garments are thoughtfully handmade in small quantities in Australia, ensuring that garments are limited editions or one of a kind and are all created to make the wearer feel special, or stand out in the crowd. 

Amy Cottrell is for the spirited, for the brave, and is all about enjoying life and living large. Our mission is to push boundaries and explore new frontiers in fashion in a thoughtful and positive way while creating feminine, contemporary pieces that have a touch of glamour, elegance and a modern seductive edge. 

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